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The techno-criminals have evolved

Most investigators haven’t

It’s time to catch up!


Whether for a board of directors, senior management, or professional group, you will remember Walt’s presentations about techno-crimes as unique, possibly disturbing, but still hopeful for the future.

He will tell you about the risks from technology that you may have never heard about, while making highly technical concepts understandable. His advice regarding solutions for enhancing your security, investigations practices and privacy may help you to avoid becoming a victim.

“I can say this was the best seminar I’ve attended, ever, on any topic.”


“Even after the lunch gong sound, people wanted to hear more.”

Current Speaking Topics Include:

  • Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations

  • Technologies That Will Create Crimes That You Haven’t Imagined

  • Darknets: What You Need to Know

  • Deepfakes and Data Poisoning: The New Threats That Nobody is Talking About

  • Untraceable Links: Tools and Techniques the Crooks Are Using to Hide from You

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Some Reasons Why Walt Is Invited to Speak:


He will tell you about risks from technology you may not know about.

He’ll explain why technology will force investigations to evolve.

He talks about topics you’ve probably never heard anywhere else.

He will give you information that can improve your security while also helping protect your individual privacy.


Walt Manning’s presentations highlighting the risks and dangers of fraud and cybercrime on the Dark Web is a must-have training course for 21st century fraud fighters. Anti-fraud professionals must be knowledgeable of where the criminals are operating and the techniques that they are currently employing. The information received through Mr. Manning’s presentations is engaging, eye opening, and downright frightening.

– Ryan C. Hubbs, ACFE Faculty Member and President of the Houston Chapter of the ACFE

Walt Manning is one of the reasons I decided to pursue my Fraud Examiner Certification. I was an auditor with DFAS in 2001 when I took his class in computer forensics. It was a real eye-opener to me. The way Walt takes his time and explains computer tech to the untrained in such a way that we get it, we understand the dangers and the nuances of the different applications, it is something to behold. I was blown away by his accessibility and the range of his knowledge.

– Lt Col Robert J. Blair, USAF, ret

Best CFE program I have attended including the two our firm has given over the last two years!!!!  Walt was awesome!

I have had the pleasure of associating with Walt for over 20 years. I continue to be amazed at his understanding of the digital world and all of its pitfalls and variabilities. And what is even more amazing is that he can explain it in such a manner that even a layman like me can understand what he is saying. In my opinion, Walt is the consummate professional in his field.

If you are looking for an individual to train your staff in any area related to digital technology or for someone to assist you in designing a security system for your IT network, without question, Walt is your man.

– Dennis F. Dycus, CFE, CPA, CGFM, Director (Retired), Division of Municipal Audit, Office of the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee

Scared the bejeebers out of me. What a super presentation!! And the way you presented! I think I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Great content as I have never seen as many screenshots of the dark web as in this presentation.

Absolutely stunning presentation. This session was extremely informative, but also very scary. I can’t stop thinking and talking about what was presented in this session and it is literally changing the way I look at everything.

Outstanding!! One of the best and informative speakers!

Wow! A new perspective, insight, awareness!

I’m throwing my phone away, buying physical assets, and putting any leftover cash in my mattress.

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