November 15

How do you feel about your post-pandemic cybersecurity?


Even though it’s beginning to feel as if we’ve moved past the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still out there, and we don’t know what the future holds.

We have seen the acceleration of several trends that started before the pandemic, and we should think about what this means for cybercrime and cybersecurity.

During the pandemic, lots of the world worked from home. For the most part, we all used our personal devices, our home networks, and whatever security we already had in place.

But now it looks like we’ll have a hybrid workforce moving forward. Some people will go back to the office full time, others will remain working remotely, and some will do a little of both.

Let me suggest that this is the perfect time to give some serious thought to the security of your technology.

Do you know the risks from your devices?

Have you ever considered the possibility that hackers could get access to your home network through devices like your child’s toy or an internet-connected refrigerator?

Do you have the right protection measures in place for your smart home network and all of your connected devices?

How much to you use encryption to protect your sensitive personal and work-related data?

What do you know about Wi-Fi security and using VPNs?

Don’t you think it’s time you knew more about these topics so you can feel a little better about your chances of being hacked or having your data stolen?

Read more about these and other issues in post from The Techno-Crime Institute Blog.

In the TCI Free Content Library, we also provide you with a free Smart Home and Mobile Device Security Checklist. The checklist can help you improve your security, and will also help you learn about some technology risks you may not have even known about.

Be safe and be well.

Would you like to know why I believe technology
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