October 24

The Need for a New Investigative Vision


The launch of a personal and professional website is a significant step for me, because it means that the book that I have imagined for many years is almost complete. Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations is now in final editing, and I hope to have it published before the end of 2021.

I’ve now been involved in either law enforcement, investigations, digital forensics, or related consulting for over 40 years. Over these years, I’ve given many presentations, written numerous articles, and put in a lot of hours researching techno-crimes and investigations involving technology.

Back in the beginning of my career, nobody would possibly have been able to predict how technology could explode as it has, or how difficult it would become for investigators to keep up with that exponential growth.

Today, the gap between where the techno-criminals are, and where most law enforcement agencies and investigators are, seems to be getting wider by the day.

Techno-crimes are evolving, but our legal systems and investigative best practices haven’t kept pace, or at least  develop fast enough to be effective.

Now, as the growth of technology increases even faster, I believe it’s time for a new mindset and a different approach.

We don’t have enough cybersecurity or digital forensics professionals to handle the demands we see today.

What will we do tomorrow and going forward?

There aren’t any easy answers, but I think it’s an important discussion that we already need to be having.

The first step is awareness of how serious the problems already are.

That’s what drove me to write the book.

I hope that it will be some help to the people in law enforcement and investigations that I’ve worked with over the years, as well as the professionals who are working in the field now, and those that will join us in the future.

Continuing to do things the way we always have won’t be good enough in the new era of techno-crimes we face.

Gradual, incremental improvement won’t work.

We need more than that.

We need an evolution into the professionals that we’ll need to be effective in the future.

Evolve with me.

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