Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations

Are You Ready to Investigate Techno-Crimes?


  • Are you prepared to investigate any type of crime involving technology?

  • Do you know the risks from the technologies we all use every day?

  • Have you received enough training about how to collect, preserve, and analyze digital evidence?

  • Do you have access to all the technical expertise you’ll need for your investigations? If not, where will you find it?

  • Could learning about techno-crime investigations improve your career or your business?

  • Is your own personal and business data secure, along with the data related to your investigations?

  • If you knew more about techno-crime could this knowledge help your clients?

You’re In Charge — What Will You Do?


  • A client tells you her son is buying drugs from a darknet market with a cryptocurrency named Monero.

  • A hacker takes wireless control of the car being driven by your wife and slams on the brakes while she’s driving on a freeway.

  • A CEO’s pacemaker is infected with a virus, and when the virus is triggered, he dies. Someone made a fortune shorting the stock of his company.

  • Your home security camera captures video of a robot breaking into your home. The local police don’t even know where to start their investigation.

  • Your best client’s phone has been hacked, and the attacker is using the phone’s GPS to stalk her.


Internationally-recognized and unique speaker


Walt Manning is an internationally-recognized speaker with new, innovative, and sometimes chilling topics that will engage your audience like few speakers you have heard.

Your audience needs to hear about the risks from techno-crimes!

Wow! What an eye-opening presentation!

– K. Poplin

“Absolutely stunning presentation. This session was extremely informative, but also very scary. I can’t stop thinking and talking about what was presented in this session and it is literally changing the way I look at everything.”

– Attendee comment from FFIEC presentation

My Current Speaking Topics Include:


Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations

Technologies That Will Create Crimes That You Haven’t Imagined

Darknets: What You Need to Know

Deepfakes and Data Poisoning: The New Threats That Nobody is Talking About

Untraceable Links: Tools and Techniques the Crooks Are Using to Hide from You

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